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The question often asked is, so what makes a fantastic T-shirt design? One is really stumped for answers in spite of being creative and having a great sense of design. Here are some tips to produce some outstanding T-shirt designs.

Snaring your target audience

A good T-shirt design is basically one that catches the fancy of your target audience. A great T-shirt design is one that will make the wearer treat the T-shirt as a prized possession and they will want them to wear it again and again. Most importantly, they will want to save it forever and never throw it away.  Everyone has varied tastes and so whatever you create, you will find a wearer for it. All you need is “a connect” to your audience.

Design for your end customer

Creating designs that satisfy your creative needs, not taking into consideration your customer’s requirements can be a complete waste of your time as well as the client’s, who is actually paying you for your services. Make sure that your client is happy as in the end “customer is king!”

Explore the concept

Draw out your concept and also create a few variations of the design. Brainstorm your ideas and be prepared with some alternatives.

Color rules

What sells in the first place is color. A white graphic on a black-colored T-shirt is probably the connection that the buyer would like to make with his audience. Some customers may want multi-colored graphics, while others love the vintage look, while some other people would like simple T-shirt graphics. Whichever way you look at it, finally knowing your target audience and what they will love and be drawn to is of prime importance. You must view the T-shirt design as a whole instead of just the graphic that is printed on it.

A few factors to consider are:

Will an illustration work better on the T-shirt rather than a print?

Will the T-shirt become too heavy if the ink covers too much of the T-shirt?

Does the design draw your awareness to awkward parts of the body?

It’s about the composition

You must pay attention to the composition when designing a T-shirt. Nothing is better than a well-executed design on the T-shirt. All the lines of the design should blend well and fit in and there should be some sort of harmony in the design available on http://www.teejunction.com.au/. Once you have the outlines and the basic shapes that come together well, then you can work on filling in the other details. Use colors sparingly, especially in the case of screen printed T-shirts. In this way, you can make the most of your T-shirt design.



Considering cost

As you add more colors, the cost of the T-shirt will also shoot up and this can cause company profits to go down. Color choices are very important and can go a long way in reducing printing costs. Also, having a good idea of various printing techniques can help to optimizecolor usage that can make printing economical.


Sourcing a good printer

Once you have completed your T-shirt design and have the final artwork ready, take your time and understand what kind of a T-shirt you want to print on. The weight, cost, labelling options, size of the shirt, etc. are all factors that have a bearing on the quality of the end product.  The choice of a printer is important. A good printer is finally the one who can convert your ideas into reality. In conclusion, great T-shirt designs comprise so many varied elements. You must not only have a grip on the principles of design, but also understand the target audience who you are designing for. Cost effectiveness, wearability and branding are other important factors. Most importantly, being innovative and going by your instincts can make you a successful T-shirt designer.


Nevertheless, some of the classic designs are often the simplest and allows the message to be delivered directly. Keep the concept of the design simple and maintain a balance between the colors. The T-shirt color should be kept as part of the design.

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