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We are an innovative e-platform that allows you to design and order custom-designed products like T-shirts, embroidered caps, and other merchandise for companies, student groups, bands, small businesses and many other events. We provide top-quality products at very affordable prices. We have innovative design tools that suit every requirement and you can create customized materials required to get your message across.

We began as a small team of designers and printers that could deliver small quantities of professional-quality prints at affordable prices. We have grown over the last few years and today, our customized T-shirt printing operations can take orders of varied sizes and quantities as required by you.

We have taken the designing and printing process that was traditionally an offline one and enabled business owners as well as individuals to conceptualize, design, create and order their materials online. Over the years, our product line has grown by leaps and bounds and our state-of-the art advanced technology continues to bring our customers innovative products and printing techniques. Our endeavor is to create innovative methods so that we can deliver top-class merchandise and apparel. We believe in our commitment to help you promote your business. We are completely confident that our customers will be satisfied with our products, design experience and expertise, service and quality 100 percent.

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Our design and manufacture process allows you to create your own T-shirt or any merchandise online. You can create your own T-shirt by selecting the color combination, collars, cuffs and sleeves. You can design the product you want or your T-shirt by selecting from the hundreds of images and fonts available on our website or you can also give us your graphic or design and we’ll happily print it for you.



Nevertheless, some of the classic designs are often the simplest and allows the message to be delivered directly. Keep the concept of the design simple and maintain a balance between the colors. The T-shirt color should be kept as part of the design.

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If you want a customized design and don't know how to go about it, we have an in-house creative team who can do it for you. We employ the best printing and embroidery methods. We accept orders as few as 10 to 1000s.

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